Unsafe Medical Devices

Julia S. Slater has represented countless individuals against corporations for its production of unsafe medical devices. It can be confusing and upsetting to find out that you or a loved one has used a medical device that has been determined to be unsafe. You likely trusted that if a product is on the market it is safe and adequately tested. However, that is often not the case, and unfortunately by the time an individual is made aware that a medical device is unsafe, the device has oftentimes already been used for years and has caused severe and permanent damage. If you are a loved one has used a medical device that has been deemed unsafe, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a lawyer who can immediately assess whether or not you may have a case.

Current Unsafe Medical Device Litigations

Pelvic mesh litigation, hernia mesh litigation, breast implants litigation, metal on metal hip implants litigation, and birth control devices including Essure litigation.

I was injured due to an Unsafe Medical Device. Now what?

  • It is important to collect any relevant medical records, both for your future medical care and for an attorney to properly review your potential case.
  • It is very important to document your injuries as best as you can—the best way to do this is to take photographs of any injuries you have sustained due to the unsafe medical device.
  • You should contact a lawyer as soon as possible who can assess whether or not you may have a case so you can be instructed on how to proceed.

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